Say hello to Spencer and Lizzie at the entrance. Admire The Boatman at the helm of the Lobby Bar. Marvel at the carved limestone head of Dionysus in reception. These distinctive pieces are part of our 400-strong private collection of contemporary art and sculpture.

Art is an integral part of the hotel’s interiors, with original pieces in every room and suite. Our larger sculptural pieces are proudly on display throughout the public spaces and are known and loved by our regular guests. The collection has evolved over our lifetime this far, and continues to grow, featuring works from British and international rising stars, as well as more established artists.

Have a glimpse at some of the collection highlights

vertical blue - phillip diggle

cartoons iii - nick malone

floral border - richard bartle

sea-scape - david breuer weil

buried land - daisy cook

red buildings - keith milow

cartoons 11 - nick malone

girls head - andré wallace

bank of black and blue 1 - keith milow

blue transcept : cruciform - mark maxwell

the boatman - andré wallace

spencer - justine smith

committee - peter unsworth

abstract in colour - brian de la cour

cartoons 1 - nick malone

lizzie - justine smith

untitled - wendy sutherland

michael foucault - phillip diggle

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